Trump & Mattis Just Dealt ISIS a Major Blow – Media Completely Ignores

The mainstream media is so consumed with Stormy Daniels that they seem to forget the incredible progress that American forces, led by Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis have made against ISIS. Apparently they don’t remember how the “JV team,” as Obama called them, rose up to make massive territorial gains just a few years ago.

Well, maybe this video will serve as a reminder to the media — and, more importantly, to ISIS — that there’s a new sheriff in town!

A momentary lapse in judgment or overconfidence has cost the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant-Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) a top commander.

In Department of Defense video footage, jihadist top dog Qari Hikmatullah and a bodyguard are seen moving on foot across open ground somewhere in northern Afghanistan.

A split second before the missile strike, one of the men senses the incoming missile and starts to run towards the other man, presumably Hikmatullah. The area is then enveloped in a massive dust cloud, with the two men being just on the edge of the impact cloud.

The Daily Caller notes that the DOD was aware that Hikmatullah was a “senior ISIS-K commander and the main facilitator of ISIS-K fighters in northern Afghanistan.”

The evaporation of the ISIS-K commander has propelled fellow Uzbekistanian Mawlavi Habibul Rahman to the top spot.

Last month, the U.S. sent another ISIS-K leader and a bunch of followers to Allah in an airstrike. Hikmatullah came into the leadership role after his predecessor was nabbed in a raid by Afghan Special Security Forces (ASSF).

You can bet that Rahman will think twice before taking a constitution across open ground.

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