Mark Levin Just Revealed the Dark Truth About Robert Mueller

Preeminent conservative legal mind Mark Levin appeared on Fox News’ ‘Hannity’ show on April 5 to discuss the goings on of special counsel Robert Mueller.

During the segment, Levin made it clear that Mueller had vastly exceeded his investigatory mandates, writes Breitbart.

Host Sean Hannity asked Levin that, knowing Mueller had and still is committing overreach, would he allow the President to speak to Mueller if Trump were his client.

Levin answered that he would not allow the President to sit down with Mueller because the latter was a “rogue prosecutor, who is investigating nothing.” On top of that, there is a Department of Justice memoranda that states that a President cannot be indicted while in office and thus cannot be made a target of a criminal probe.

This explains Mueller’s recent confession that Trump is not a subject of a criminal probe.

When asked why Mueller would have appointed only Obama and Hillary Clinton cronies to his investigatory team, Levin replied that the goal of the Special Counsel from the beginning has been to accuse Trump of obstruction of justice for the purpose of impeachment.

The Nazi tactics of Mueller drew specific ire from Levin, a former prosecutor in the Reagan administration. The radio and TV host referenced Mueller’s handling of former Trump advisor Paul Manafort.

“Mueller went in to Mr. Manafort’s apartment at 5 or 6 in morning when he and his wife were in bed, with the FBI’s were the guns drawn, he got a warrant from a federal judge, when he went in there, and he gathered information and then he goes to the deputy attorney general a week later to have his authority expanded to cover what he had just done a week before.”

Levin finished by stating he saw Mueller as “very bizarre. And really out of line.”

What do you think? Is Levin’s take on Mueller correct?

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