Here’s Why the Deep State is Freaking Out Over Ben Carson

Republican presidential administrations, at least those led by conservatives, will never be productive if Democrats continue to use their time in the Oval Office to entrench massive corruption and instill a Deep State mentality on bureaucracies.

At the State Department, Obama holdouts are doing their damnedest to maintain the level of corruption sired by Obama. The same is occurring at the DOJ and FBI, with Clinton cronies abandoning justice and investigations for self-serving acts and coverups.

The Daily Caller writes that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is in the same mode, fighting tooth and nail to waylay HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson.

The Caller reports that the offensive against Carson has one motivation:

“Liberals love HUD, because it hands out billions of dollars in the name of social justice. Not coincidentally, the money is often hard to account for, which is why it often ends up in the pocket of corrupt officials.”

During the reign of Obama, writes the Caller, the oversight of HUD was nonexistent. For the first time in ten years, HUD has a chief financial officer to review the books and rein in corruption and waste. The move is long overdue. The last attempt to audit the books of the HUD was abandoned due to horrible bookkeeping, poor reporting and obscure lending practices. It was, in essence, a massive slush fund.

Carson’s house cleaning has drawn the ire of department bureaucrats and ‘fair housing’ groups. They have leaked out stories such as the $31,000 table purchased by Carson for a HUD office as evidence that the Secretary is corrupt.

The Caller notes that “a number of these organizations signed on to a letter…that complained about Carson updating the agency’s mission statement – a routine action that takes place under every incoming administration.”

In other words, the predominately leftist housing groups did not want the culture to change at HUD.

That is not what President Trump was elected to do and it is not what he wants his secretaries to do either.

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