Feds Just Conducted a Massive Immigration Raid – “Largest Since Bush”

The feckless Republican controlled Congress, led by McConnell and Ryan, has sabotaged Trump every step of the way on fulfilling his central campaign promise and building a border wall, but that doesn’t mean that the President’s going to sit idly by and let immigration go unchecked.

Not since the Bush administration has such a large arrest of illegal aliens in a workplace raid taken place.

According to Don Surber, officials with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) nabbed 97 illegal aliens on April 6. The nearly one hundred illegals were working for Southeastern Provision, a Tennessee meat processing plant. So far, only ten are facing criminal charges.

The long-established idea that illegally entering our country is a crime in itself is long gone it seems.

Illegal alien activists have stated that the mass arrest was “the largest single-workplace raid since George W. Bush was president.”

News reports claim that Southeastern Provision paid the illegals cash so as to avoid having to pay $2.5 million in taxes stretching back to 2008.

IRS Criminal Investigation Agent Nicholas R. Worsham wrote that the owners of the company, James and Pamela Brantley, “used their daughter and other employees in their fraud, lied to the IRS about how much they paid themselves and American employees, filed false tax returns and exploited its largely Hispanic and undocumented work force.”

As of this writing, the Brantley’s have not been charged and there is no word on whether they have retained a lawyer.

A local news station, WBIR, adds this interesting tidbit:

“Just weeks before the ICE raid at Southeastern Provision, the Grainger County slaughterhouse faced a crisis of another kind: a sewage system failure and spill that triggered a boil alert for residents living nearby.”

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