Corey Lewandowski Just Mopped the Floor with the House Intel Committee Over Collusion Questions

Badgered incessantly over events that transpired after his involvement with the 2016 Trump campaign and cursed at by Congressional committeemen, former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski lost his cool and unleashed on the gathered Democrats.

“I’m not answering your f***ing question,” Lewandowski is reported to have exclaimed during a March 2017 appearance before the House Intelligence Committee.

The Daily Caller states that “Lewandowski was the final witness in the committee’s probe into Russian interference and appeared in front of the committee for the second time last month.”

An earlier appearance witnessed the Democrats on the committee trying to get Lewandowski to comment on incidents that occurred after the former campaign manager left the Trump team.

His second appearance went much the same way, but it is inferred that Democrats were becoming increasingly hostile and uncivil towards Lewandowski.

“I had to repeat on multiple occasions that there was no collusion, cooperation or coordination because the Democrats couldn’t understand my plain English way of speaking,” Lewandowski told CNN. “The language they used in the committee was appalling. I’ve never heard such language used before.”

At some point Lewandowski had enough and unloaded on the Democrats with the statement noted above.

“I felt the need to respond in kind,” he told CNN.

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